MacBook Pro Repair in Surat

MacBook Moisture Harm Repair in Ghod Dod Road, Surat

The MacBook Pro unibody is usually a workhorse on the Apple laptop family being released in 13inch, 15inch, and 17inch different sizes. Hard drive and memory space are generally upgraded, which includes SSD installation to highly increase performance. Have a cracked Screen or broken Display, slow-moving performance, liquid or water spill, no power, unresponsive trackpad, sticky/tacky keyboard, logic board failure or any other problem?  We are able to give a complete analysis and find out the most effective methods for your beloved MacBook laptop and get it performing excellent once again.



The Apple Gadgets Repair is a full service Apple Laptop and MacBook Pro Repair Centre in Surat. Our team of vastly expert specialists have seen and fixed it all. We are skilled to repair any models of MacBook Pro Laptop down to section level repairs (involving logic board reflows and Ball Grid Array rebelling). The Apple Gadgets Repair Centre in Surat, we know how significant time is for you and we also know how annoying it’s when your Apple Laptop breaks down or when you want your Apple Laptop repaired. We provide the greatest and most inexpensive Repair service for your entire Apple Laptop MacBook Pro Repair needs.


Our services – 

  • MacBook Pro Screen Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Front Glass Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Display Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Data Recovery Service
  • MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade Service
  • MacBook Pro Screen Backlight Repair
  • MacBook Pro DC Power Jack Repair
  • MacBook Pro Battery Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Charging Port Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Charging Adapter Replacement
  • MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade / Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Trackpad Repair / Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair / Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Hard Drive Upgrade / Replacement

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